Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc. (AMH)

Safe haven for homeless Muslimahs & women with or without children



Muslim American Inaugural Benefit

January 20th, 2013 

 Women Affairs of AMH Inc.  Received 

 The Golden Minaret excellence of Community Service Award  



 Muslim Social Services Agency

4307 Wentworth Road

Baltimore, MD 21207

443 934-9455

 February 7, 2011

 To Whom It May Concern:


Our agency has had a long five year collaborative relationship with the Women Affairs of AMH Inc. The Women Affairs organization was the first women’s homeless shelter established by Muslims in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Over the years, it has taken in hundreds of Muslim and non-Muslim homeless women and their children. For the most part, the main reason people are turned away is because there is no room for them in the shelter. This shelter has provided a warm place for homeless women to stay and a safe place for victims of domestic violence.


Women come to the shelter with multiple challenges; therefore they have multiple needs in order to cope with their life challenges. The shelter attempts, with very little resources and supports, to help their homeless guest conquer their many barriers to success.


The staff of the facility is volunteers. The shelter’s finances are solely based on donations. Although, it gets some donations and in-kind assistance it continues to struggle monthly with paying its rent, gas and electric, food bill, diapers, heating oil bill, hygiene products and other financial obligations for running this non-profit facility. In our observation, the Women Affairs organization is in need of a large facility to house more homeless women and their children and greater financial support from others. We highly recommend and encourage those who are able to assist this organization with their financial needs/burden it would be a great blessing for both the receiver and the giver.



Hassan A. Amin

Executive Director



These three recommendations are from our linkedIn networking site.

1.  Dear nadia,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with others.

Details of the Recommendation: "Never have I seen such an honest and hard worker, especially in the cause for others. By striving to combat issues of homlessness and abuse for females and their children throughout the Maryland-DC-Virginia area, Sister Nadia has taken the initial steps at making a stance against the most demonic issues prevailing in our society today.

It is a true shame on our part if we fail to live up to the same morale and fail to achieve any objectives outlined in the foundation of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc. I call on myself first, and all individuals regardless of location to see what they may be able to do for this wonderful organization, be it donating time and energy, money, or to the simplest accord, making supplication for the success in outreach for the needy.

Such a cause is colorless, sexless, without faith or culture or language; but all religions, especially the one of Truth, the one taught to us by the Beloved Prophet (sw) calling everyone to the worship of the TRUE GOD, calls on us to step up and take care of those in need and less fortunate than us. Now is the time to act, rather than reflect tomorrow what change could have made a difference today."


2.  I have been knowing nadia auxila mcintosh for 15yrs. She have always been in a helping hand position like it is her nature to help others, she and her children lived in a shelter, this is what promoted her to help others that have to seek for shelter for a period of time. There have been those that have come and gone successfully. It is a great pleasure knowing such a person of Good Will .

Glad To Know You Nadia
Ethedia Harris



Details of the Recommendation: "As a freelance writer and editor, I have had the honor of working in collaboration with Nadia McIntosh on multiple marketing and fundraising projects for the Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah shelter. As the sole founder and director of the shelter, Nadia has single-handedly managed the running of the shelter and its affiliate programs. With her dedication and sincerity to the cause of the Ummah, she welcomes every family, women and child in need with open arms and endless support. Through her efforts and hard work, she has also managed to open a second phase to the Women Affairs shelter. Nadia McIntosh is a pillar in her community and an exemplary human being who does not hesitate to extend more than a helping hand, and offer a warm, safe place for those less fortunate."