Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc. (AMH)

Safe haven for homeless Muslimahs & women with or without children


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Women Affairs of AMH Inc needs a van


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This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Women Affairs Of Al Mumtahinah Home Inc, a verified nonprofit.










 Salaam, peace, hello supporters.

 My name is Nadia A. McIntosh, founder and CEO of Women Affairs of AMH Inc. As a person who has twice experienced homelessness, I understand what it means to struggle and receive little help.As a result of my past misfortunes, Women Affairs of AMH Inc. was established in 2006 to support homeless women(with or without children) and families. I believe that it is important to help those who need to be helped because you never know what turn your life may take!


     This Campaign is built around the concept that all that are in  need should be granted assistance and as those who are fortunate enough to have the small luxuries, we should overall fight for the less fortunate. Because I have lived it, I feel that no one should have to go through such a struggle, especially with kids or as a family. Homelessness and Hunger can destroy ones concept of life and ultimately ruin ones hope for the future. homelessness and Hunger can be prevented if we as a people come together and prevent it from happening.

       With your help, Women Affairs of AMH Inc. can continue helping the homeless community as well as begin building a foundation that can better assist those in need. 

Your funds will benefit:

  1. The expansion of the franchise by rental of and/or purchasing other buildings to offer shelter services;
  2. The maintenance of the rent costs, utility bills and operational costs of the properties;
  3. The payment of resources that clients need(ie. transportation cards, food, personal items, job placements, education and training, etc).

    These three visions and future ones can become a reality just by the act of giving. You can be a brick in Women Affairs of AMH Inc's growing foundation by just making a small donation or by encouraging others to do so !

 What We Need 

       To begin the process of each task, a minimum of $30,000 is needed. the money will be evenly divided between projects. With that being said, about $10,000 will be contributed to each project.

       If my entire goal is not reached, the money will benefit the rent and utility bills of the current facilities, as well as the needs of the clients.


    The Impact

          This project should be valuable to the contributors because homelessness is a crisis that people tend to ignore unless the one being affected is a friend, family member, or ones own self. This campaign is valuable to me because I believe that if I, as well as other homeless shelters and/or programs that support the less fortunate are well funded by the communities, then homelessness will be put at bay and in the future, ultimately diminish it.

      Other Ways You Can Help

        If you can't contribute money, that doesn't mean that you can't help! 

      Tell your friends, family, co-workers, and classmates about the campaign and encourage them to donate !







      JazakAllahu Khayr, May Allah reward you.  Ameen 






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