Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc. (AMH)

Safe haven for homeless Muslimahs & women with or without children


Quotes hi my name is nicole i came to usa on the 20th of May 2010. My mother send for me and my kids but by end of July me and my kids where out on the street. She put us out, we slept on the street for a week until some one help us, after that we call the shelter Women Affairs of AMH Inc., and they took us in. I am not a muslim but my daugther is, and my two kids are not muslim to but sister nadia let us stay. It has been God blessing to us because we had no place to live . It is a nice place i am still living at the shelter i am looking for a job and then i want to get my own place to live for me and my kids some day with God help and sister nadia every thing will work out i pray that every thing work out for her and the shelter so some day when i go back to trinidad and tobago i can tell everybody what a good thing the muslim people are doing to help everybody not only me, but all of baltimore she is helping by giving food and clothes also. Quotes
i am an homeless trinidadion with 3kids

Quotes I met Sister Nadia Oct 2009, having gone through a difficult divorce. I stayed in a Muslim shelter when I arrived in Baltimore, yet it was not what I expected. Feeling defeated and dismayed, I heard about Sister Nadia's shelter. I asked her forthright questions about the integrity of what she does and if she was sincere. She invited me to see for myself what she was about. I was greatly appreciative of the extensive support she gave me and still continues to give me and my family. I like the halaqas that are given on Sundays and the fact my children are seen as special gifts, not hinderances, in her home. I see with my own two eyes the respect that is given to the women who stay at Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah (AMH). Having been through so much myself, it is a blessing for someone to care so much about others who are not her clients as she does. Keep up the good work and may Allah(swt) continue to bless you!!! Quotes
Sister Tahira
Owner, Tahira's Treats

Quotes Ive came to Women Affairs as an stepping stone to my new journey towards bettering my life .My intentions was to reunite my family and to have time to build and save money with hopes of having our own home again.I'been homeless for quite some time and I was so thankful for the support that women affairs has offered me and how much I've learned from them like giving, helping others, commitment, and courage to proceed at full speed towards our goals.This shelter is surely a place I would suggest that anybody rather young ,old ,single,or divorce should come it makes you feel like your family and it gives you six months to a year to get on your feet. So ,please support this shelter It'll be for a good cause.Thank You for your support. Quotes
Theresa White
An appreciation for the support

Quotes This is written on behalf and in supportof Women Affairs of AMH Inc., stating that this organization is well known and in good standing here in Baltimore MD. They serve the community very well in the much needed task of help and support of those in need. I attest to their standing and declare them worthy of any support that can be afforded them. For further information please feel free to call. 410-467-6950 Quotes
Jamaa'atu Masjid Al-Muminiin

Quotes The shelter that Womens Affairs of AMH Inc. is running, is a mercy from Allah and a great asset to the community. Having been displaced by divorce, I had no where to go. The Womens Affairs of AMH Inc. organization gave me a place to live and still maintain and adhere to my Islamic life style. Quotes
Umm Hurayrah (Sumayyah)

Quotes To Whom It May Concern: Our agency has had a long collaborative relationship with the Women Affairs of AMH Inc. The Women Affairs organization was the first women?s homeless shelter established by Muslims in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Over the years, it has taken in hundreds of Muslim and non-Muslim homeless women and their children. This shelter has provided a warm place for homeless women to stay and a safe place for victims of domestic violence. The staff of the facility is volunteers. The shelter?s finances are solely based on donations. The Women Affairs organization is in need of greater financial support from others. We highly recommend and encourage those who are able to assist this organization with their financial needs/burden it would be a great blessing for both the receiver and the giver. Quotes
Muslim Social Services Agency, Inc.
Executive Director

Quotes Letter of Recommendation January 28th, 2010 Safar 13th, 1431 To Whom it May Concern, It has been a pleasure to know sister Nadia McIntosh, the director of the shelter, in 2008. I have had the opportunity to witness her humbleness and sincerity for the cause of supporting homeless and needy Muslimat as well as non-Muslims. I have personally visited the shelter at least half a dozen times over the past year, and introduced over half a dozen of sisters to the shelter as volunteers. the shelter in the past with raising funds. Dar Al-Taqwa has also been a supporter of the shelter assisting with portion of its rent, donations of food and apparel items. As you will agree the services offered by the shelter exceed the needed funds and hence the need for extra support is not surprising. I am very supportive of the activities of the shelter. Quotes
Islamic Leadership Institute of America